Company DescriptionRidgeCrest Herbals is an award-winning developer and manufacturer of safe and effective natural remedies for a variety of specific health needs. A pioneer in the eclectic herbal tradition since the 1980’s, RidgeCrest Herbals utilizes formulations containing ingredients from Chinese, European, Native American, Ayurvedic (India) and other natural disciplines. RidgeCrest Herbals has over 20 products today, each sold primarily through natural product retail locations as well as online. This includes the No. 1 best-selling natural product in the United States targeting lung and respiratory health: ClearLungs.

Key Market Areas• Adrenal health, energy, eye health, lung health, sinus health, pain & inflammation management, blood sugar balance, thyroid health, urinary tract health, prostate health, beauty care, hair growth, heart health, cleansing or detoxification, liver health, kidney health, sleep, immune health, mood health, athletic performance, headache relief, stress relief

Major Products/Service Offerings• Adrenal Fatigue Fighter:  To help support adrenal function and energy.• Anxiety Free: To help create feelings of peace and calm while helping reduce exhaustion and irritability. Award-winning. • ClearLungs: These formulations help maintain free breathing and keep airways open using a complex traditional Chinese formula: • ClearLungs Classic, ClearLungs Extra Strength, ClearLungs Immune, ClearLungs Liquid, ClearLungs Sport • EssentialEyes: Designed as a full-spectrum vision defense that can help protect macular/retinal health and reduce electronic-related eye strain. • Hair ReVive: To help reduce female hair loss and help grow thicker/longer/fuller hair faster. • KidneyAid: To support proper urine flow and electrolyte balance and promote healthy kidney function. • PhysiQOL: To help balance inflammatory response and fight common aches/pains. Award-winning.

What’s New?Beginning in 2017, RidgeCrest Herbals will phase out all of their homeopathic elements. They expect the full process to take around two years. RidgeCrest Herbals continues to believe in the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies, but in the current hostile regulatory atmosphere it is safer for them to remove what has become a target in the industry. They will be researching herbal alternatives in an attempt to improve on these formulas so they continue to be as effective as they have always been. Their first steps have been to discontinue the WaterX formula and remove the homeopathic element from the ClearLungs Extra Strength Formula, replacing it with their patented Availablend formula. More changes will be announced in time.

RidgeCrest Herbals3683 West 2270 South #A Salt Lake City, UT 84120-2306 Telephone: (800)242-4649 Fax: (801)978-9650 Year Founded: 1994 Instagram: @ridgecrestherbals

Key PersonnelMatt Warnock, President, CEO, Owner Brittini Gehring, Chief Botanical Officer Will Christensen, Chief Marketing Officer

Published in WholeFoods Magazine July 2017