Chicago, IL—SPINSannounced the acquisition of product intelligence platform Pinto, a move that SPINS says strengthens its position as the leader in Product Intelligence.

SPINS Product Intelligence Platform spans the entire health and wellness supply chain with deep integrations that enable collaboration between brands and retailers to transform merchandising, eCommerce, and personalized customer experiences., the company shared, adding that the platform provides a common language throughout the ecosystem and guides consumers along their wellness journey.

“SPINS is committed to building the smartest, deepest, most accessible Product Intelligence Platform to serve the health and wellness industry,” said Tony Olson, CEO of SPINS, in a press release. “SPINS’ Product Intelligence serves as the common language for the health and wellness industry in North America, which helps retailers, brands, technology platforms, and more ecosystem members see consumer trends, drive innovation, merchandise to meet emerging needs, and create preference-based personalized customer experiences, both online and in-store.”

Pinto, founded in 2016 by data programmers, food scientists and dietitians, has its roots in personalized nutrition and the future of food labeling and strives to make product data optimized, searchable, and personalized for the world. According to the release, Pinto has built the modern product data platform powering essential commerce applications through:
  • Product Database: a deep database of food, grocery, and consumer products
  • Search: optimize product results across every preference-based search
  • Personalization: personalize inventories for shoppers' health and lifestyle needs
  • Pinto Health: merchandise products that meet the needs of specific dietary requirements
  • Manager for CPG: simple way to host, manage, and optimize product content online
  • Data Distribution: provide high-quality and optimized product content
  • Content Studio: high-quality product images and data across portfolios
“Pinto has always believed that the world of products should be optimized, searchable, and personalized for the needs of today's consumers, who are more health and values-oriented than ever before,” said Sam Slover, Co-Founder and CEO of Pinto. “The Pinto team and I are beyond excited to join Tony and the entire SPINS team to introduce the SPINS+Pinto Product Intelligence Platform. The platform is unmatched and will have an immediate impact on the way retailers approach merchandising, access brand content, and create highly personalized consumer experiences that delight their customers.”

SPINS also outlined the case for Product Intelligence:
  • Powers innovative merchandising so retailers can stock the products that serve their customers, increases visits, build basket sizes, and instills loyalty.
  • Personalizes online consumer experiences.
  • Informs customer understanding of products and how they meet dietary needs and additional preferences, providing unmatched transparency.
  • Drives product development and innovation.
  • Informs product positioning based on consumer engagement.
“Ultimately, the Product Intelligence Platform that SPINS+Pinto powers, helps retailers differentiate themselves to better serve their customers – to help them deliver innovation, build loyalty, and present consumers with in-store and online experiences that showcase a unique store view that is personalized for each customer based on their preferences,” said Olson.
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