Park City, UT Nutraceutical Corp. announced Raphael Kellman, MD, a best-sellingauthor and physician, will work with the company to develop its Solaray Mycrobiome Probiotic line of products.

“This is a partnership between two pioneers,” says Chad Clawson, CEO of Nutraceutical.

The Mycrobiome probiotics cater to age and condition-specific needs using multiple strains at clinically significant doses. They also feature Enteric Shield plant-based capsules, which allow the probiotics to survive in stomach acid, according to the company.

Dr. Kellman, who has been called the “father of modern Microbiome Medicine,” described the results of the partnership as “frontier medicine,” in a press release announcing the relationship. “When I recommend precisely which probiotics are needed to support my patients’ microbiome, the results are astounding. Not only does their health dramatically improve – so does their mood, weight, skin, and most of all their overall vitality and zest for life.”

Dr. Kellman's books include "The Microbiome Diet," "Gut Reaction" and "The Whole Brain." He practices from the Kellman Center for Integrative and Functional Medicine in New York City.

The Solaray Mycrobiome probiotics line includes six once-daily formulas: Urgent Care 100 Billion 24 Strain, Women’s Formula 50 Billion 24 Strain, Men’s Formula 30 Billion 24 Strain, Adult 50+ Formula 30 Billion 18 Strain, Weight Formula 50 Billion 18 Strain, and Colon Formula 50 Billion 18 Strain. All Mycrobiome probiotics are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

New line extensions are expected this Fall and through 2019 based on research and Dr. Kellman's clinical experience.