Over the last year,plant-based sales have grown by up to  20%. So it’s more likely than ever you’ll have customers who want to buy plant-based options for their upcoming barbecues as they celebrate Labor Day and the ending of another sun-kissed summer. As this area of grocery grows, your customers will have more options to choose from. While a blessing for those experienced with plant-based meals, it can be confusing for those who are new to a plant-based diet or simply want to be considerate of their guests who already eat that way. 


Plant-based appetizers and sides can be more than just a salad or corn on the cob. In fact, with products like veganaise you can take an ordinary ear of corn on the cob and make it into something flavorful for everyone to enjoy.Eat.drink.shrink  features a Mexican street cornrecipethat uses Follow Your Heart’s vegenaise along with avocados, adobo sauce, lime, cilantro, vegan butter, and vegan parmesan that is delicious and sure to please everyone.

Main Dishes

Veggie burgers may be one of the most popular options for plant-based barbecue.  Currently, plant-based burgers such as those of Beyond Meat are becoming so advanced that even the most die-hard carnivore has a hard time deciphering the “real deal” from the meat alternative. Their website features a recipe for BBQ Beyond Burger Sliders along with a short 65-second video demonstrating how to prepare therecipe.


When the barbecue begins to settle down, and the guests want something sweet to top off their delicious dinner, it’s time for dessert. This delectable homemade Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Creamreciperequires only 10 simple ingredients and achieves the cold creamy sweetness we’ve come to know and love from traditional ice cream. Fair warning, it does take two hours to prepare so it’s best to do the night before the event. (Or suggest one of the many dairy-free vegan options that are already made.)

Planning a plant-based diet-friendly barbecue can be a stressful experience for consumers as they navigate this expanding area of grocery. By becoming familiar with the products that are available to serve as meat substitutes you can help your customers become the plant-based talk of the town, and even try out some of these options yourself at your own barbecue.