Skillman, NJ –The purchase of Zarbee’s Inc by Johnson & Johnson Consumer is just the latest instance of large consumer packaged goods companies getting ready to serve the consumer of tomorrow by purchasing companies that already appeal to them.

“With its naturals positioning, a millennial target demographic and a progressive ecommerce (digital) strategy, Zarbee’s represents a rare pioneering disruptive brand in the OTC category,” said William Hood, managing director of William Hood & Co., in a comment on LinkedIn.

“The Consumer Health leaders are finally recognizing that the Boomer population is starting to decline while the Millennial and Gen Z populations are on the rise and they have very different brand preferences and purchasing habits. This evolution can be addressed in two ways — by making existing brands more relevant and by acquiring new brands and competencies.”

The acquisition includes the full line of Zarbee’s Naturals products for children and adults. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Zarbee's Naturals was founded in 2008 by Dr. Zak Zarbock, a pediatrician who was inspired to create safe, wholesome and effective alternatives to traditional OTC medicines. Zarbock’s first product was a honey-based kids' cough syrup made with vitamin C and zinc and free of alcohol, drugs, and artificial flavors.

The deal is expected to close in third quarter 2018, pending regulatory approval.