OSLO, NORWAY, EDISON, NJ—A new study on K2 deficiency in children was published byNutrients,an international, peer-reviewed journal for studies related to human nutrition.

“The epidemiological evidence indicates a disturbing growth in the number of cases of low-energy fractures in healthy children and adolescents. There are multiple risk factors that may contribute to this growing health concern, and among the leading consideration are deficient or insufficient nutrition and nutrients, including calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K.” said Dr. Vladimir Badmaev, author of the paper and principal and founder of American Medical Holdings, Inc., in a press release.

NattoPharma Chief Medical Officer Dr. Hogne Vik says this study is significant because it adds to evidence that Vitamin K2 is beneficial for both adults and children.

In the paper, vitamin K2, particularly MK-7 is highlighted and differentiated from vitamin K1 in maintaining calcium.

Vik says these findings are also significant for supporting NattoPharma’s existing research in that children are the group most deficient in K2. Correcting this deficiency can have a positive impact on bone health.