Hadley, MA — Delta-tocotrienol from annatto decreased biomarkers associated with fatty liver, suggests a published clinical study in patients diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

A recentstudyconducted at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Pakistan, and published in theTurkish Journal of Gastroenterology, adds new data to a growing body of evidence that shows tocotrienol benefits for the liver.

Results of the 12-week randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of the patented DeltaGold® annatto-derived tocotrienol ingredient byAmerican River Nutrition, Inc.indicated significant efficacy on the fatty liver index score and other liver-related biomarkers in NAFLD patients. This is the first-ever clinical trial using tocotrienols only (without the presence of tocopherols) in NAFLD.

In the 12-week study of 71 NAFLD patients, DeltaGold tocotrienol was administered at a dosage of 600mg/day (300mg twice daily), which led to decreased biochemical levels and metabolic factors associated with fatty liver. This was compared to a blinded and placebo group. All patients were advised to eat a fat-reduced diet and perform regular physical activity.

The authors noted that the study outcomes are very encouraging, providing a platform for future larger-scale clinical trials. They remarked that “these results provide a proof-of-principle for the superiority of delta-tocotrienol, and strongly favor the safe and effective use of this compound for the management of NAFLD in the future.”

Commenting on the research, Dr. Barrie Tan, president of American River Nutrition Inc. said that “delta-tocotrienol’s anti-inflammatory effect – including remarkable decreases in hs-CRP – has now been best indicated in clinical trials for hyperlipidemia, osteopenia, and NAFLD, where annatto tocotrienol consistently reduced inflammation.” Tan believes that this is the first tocotrienol study to show an almost 10lb weight loss in NAFLD patients, a phenomenon previously undocumented for the supplement. Adds Tan, “I look forward to future trials that will further explore the effects of annatto tocotrienol on NAFLD patients, with a larger population, longer duration, and additional diagnostic tools.”