In a step that looked like it was coming since she started rebranding herself around her best-selling book “Glow 15,” Naomi Whittel announced she will focus on new entrepreneurial endeavors and has stepped down as CEO of Twinlab Consolidated Corp.

Whittel has long personified the benefits of nutritional supplements and at Expo West was actively engaging with bloggers, consumer reporters and her fans at the Women in Naturals event. She told New Hope Network she is launching a skincare line and documentary series, “The Real Skinny on Fat,” but has no ambitions to return to a CEO role.

Glow15 focuses largely on the process ofautophagy. “My goal is to take a million people from being sugar burners to being body fat burners," she said in the interview.

“I think I’ll be a founder,” she added. Whittel was named CEO of Twinlab after the company acquired her Reserveage brand. She is turning her attention to digital ways to help people improve their health.

One of the last products she was involved with at Twinlab was the BioAlaskan omega-3 oils developed with Jeff Bland, a pioneer in personalized medicine.

Al Gever, CFO and COO since March 2017, will act as interim CEO while the company searches for a permanent one.

In January,Twinlab announced the closing of its Utah manufacturing facility, as reported byWholeFoodsMagazine

Whittel built the Reserveage brand on her personal story about growing up with a family conscious of what was put into its body. Her passion for clean supplements stemmed from discovering that her own body had been contaminated through adulteration. Her new venture will allow her to take that a step further and she told New Hope she plans to extend that by working with other executives about how they can get their personal stories out there.
Here's an interview Whittel gave to WholeFoods Magazine at the time of Glow15's release.
Why write the book now?

A couple of reasons actually:
  • The timing was ripe. I travel the world in search of the purest, most potent ingredients, and on a recent trip to Calabria, Italy I met with an incredible scientist who introduced me to the concept of autophagy. The scientist explained that this groundbreaking science is a fundamental process to prevent aging. I developed Glow15 to help us all defy the signs of getting older and support our overall wellness.
  • This book is also my answer to the question I get asked most often -- how do you balance being a mom, being an entrepreneur, endless travel, and looking and feeling good? By practicing the Glow15 lifestyle, I’ve been able to lose weight, gain energy, sleep better and look younger. I am passionate about empowering all women to do more than just survive – I want them to thrive.
Is this something that can sustain you throughout life?
  • Yes, that is how Glow15 was designed — as a lifestyle, intended to be practical and sustainable, helping you to live younger longer.
Does this work for men as well?
  • Yes, while this program was created with women in mind, men can certainly follow the program and see results as well.
Can you share a typical day in your life schedule?
  • I always practice IFPC — so my typical day is either a high one (where there are no food restrictions) or a low one (where I fast for 16 hours and during the remaining 8 hours eat foods low in protein). Every day — no matter high or low — begins with AutophaTea to ensure I get my fat first, keep my energy up and my cravings down.
  • On high days I will either do a HIIT or RET workout. I like to do this first thing in the morning — getting that 30 minutes out of the way. After refueling with some protein, I’m ready to face a busy day of business meetings — and business travel and business decisions and well, getting down to business.
  • My favorite part of the day is coming home to my four beautiful children — and hearing all about their days. But I also look forward to the moment when they’re all sleeping and I can indulge in some me time — be it with an autophagy-activating glass of wine, or an epsom salt beauty bath, or DIY acupressure — there are so many ways to get glowing!
Are your children on this program? What ages is it appropriate for?
  • While my children follow many of the components of the program, they’re too young to follow it in its entirety — they don’t need to activate autophagy (yet!).
  • They’re kids — the most important things I can encourage them to do are move their bodies, nurture their brains with food and information, sleep well and practice being mindful. That said, they always start their day with fat first (we literally go through 2 dozen avocados a week) and they eat a wide variety of foods, including many of the autophagy-activating foods. They follow the 3 B’s to better sleep and they get plenty of exercise through school sports and extracurricular activities. I’m a huge believer in meditation, so I’ve made a short meditation practice part of their daily routine.
Is the tea available now?
  • Anyone can easily make the tea with a few simple ingredients found at your local supermarket: Earl grey, green tea, coconut oil and cinnamon sticks.
Anything you want to say to independent retailers?
  • Glow15 mentions many fine products specialty and independent retailers have carried forever. I am excited to share the science around the Glow15 plan, and how simple tips, every-day food, and ingredients can benefit the lives of the consumers we all service.
Will you do book signings in stores?
  • Yes, I am planning on book signings in stores. I cannot wait to share this book and lifestyle plan with readers!