Spring, TX – TheVitamin K2 Associationis working to promote and protect the vitamin K2 category, by furthering its message globally and expanding its board.

In a recentpress release, the association announced that leading vitamin K2 manufacturer Kappa Bioscience has joined them as a founding executive board member. Vesta Ingredients and Xsto Solutions have also joined as members and Flora Research Laboratories and Nutrasource have joined as associate members.

"Kappa Bioscience is a category leader, and we are thrilled to have them join as a Founding Executive Board Member," said Vitamin K2 Association executive director Len Monheit. "A primary focus of the association will be to establish quality standards and to promote these standards to the market and other key stakeholders. We will also work to provide a measure of assurance of the level of quality in the Vitamin K2 marketplace through ingredient and product testing, and to continue to raise awareness and education of the benefits and science supporting this product."

"The formation of this association is an important step in the continued, healthy growth of a K2 market. We are proud to be among the founding members," said Egil Greve, president and CEO of Kappa Bioscience. "Through promotion of transparency, quality standards and agreed testing parameters, brands and consumers can be assured of quality K2 products that deliver on promise and value."

All Vitamin K2 Association members must commit to a Code of Ethics and adhere to the USP Monograph for vitamin K2.

According to the association's web site, its mission is to increase public awareness about the production, quality and science of vitamin K2 products; expand manufacturer understanding of the solid science supporting both well-known and newfound benefits; and create needed transparency about product quality.

Emerging research increasingly suggests the importance of vitamin K2 in both cardiovascular and bone health.  It is found in egg yolk, butter, chicken liver, salami, chicken breast, and cheese.