Frutarom Natural Solutions BU, a global flavor and fine ingredient company, is offering local woman farmers in Latin America a protected income and flexible collaboration to warrant a safe, maintainable, and consistent supply of natural annatto coloring.

Frutarom Natural Solutions BU is showing gratitude for their workers by reimbursing them for their dedicated work in harvesting and supplying natural annatto coloring.

Danielle Nienberg, president of FoodTank states in a press release, “Women are playing a big role in changing the food system to create a well-nourished world. They are taking on larger and more defined roles in food and agriculture, globally.” According to the U.N Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Bank, around 43% of women represent the world’s largest labor force.

In countries such as Peru, Guatemala, and Brazil, women are known to be the keepers of the house, meaning they maintain the house duties. Maintaining the household is causing women to lack self-identity. Because of the growing demand of natural annatto coloring, Frutarom has begun their collaboration with a local agriculture partner to encourage local women, like in Latin America, to become self-regulated farmers and to grow annatto in their own fields.

Frutarom is committed and supportive to the local farmers and will make sure that the local farmers from the mother plantation obtain education and training that includes technical support and how to grow and harvest high quality annatto.

According to Natural Solutions, “The outcome of this collaboration is providing a safe, stable income to the growers, working directly with local farmers.”

Yoni Glickman, president of Frutarom Natural Solutions Annatto says, “Global food and beverage companies are shifting quickly from Yellow 5 and 6 artificial colors to natural annatto in a wide range of food applications.” Annatto is a seed or extract from the Achiote tree and is an orange-red dye that is often used to impart a yellow or orange color to foods. Glickman explains “Frutarom’s advanced extraction of the seeds also enables recovery of high-antioxidant vitamin E while significantly minimizing fruit waste. Suppliers of natural colors are in a race to provide sufficient supplies of natural annatto coloring.”

Frutarom is giving their support by generating practical partnerships in Latin America by working closely with farmers. The firm wants to help the local farmers expand their business by offering technical and business support.

Because of the two production sites, one in Lima, Peru, and the other in Murica, Spain, Frutarom is able to have a supply chain that fulfills the high demand of annatto color. “This ‘win-win’ situation for Frutarom and the farmers fills the gap in supply to meet the growing demand for natural annatto coloring and allows transparency with our customers worldwide,” states Glickman. “We ensure safe, high-quality, all-natural color supply while supporting local communities in developing countries.”