Ann Arbor, MI—The recently launched Supplement OWL (Online Wellness Library) has gained another advocate of its platform. NSF International, a certifier of dietary supplements and worldwide public health organization is the newest organization supporting Supplement OWL. The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN)launchedthe Supplement OWL website in April 2017 and the site has been supported by multiple organizations since its inception.

“As a global organization with a mission of protecting and improving human health, we are pleased to see the supplement industry working together for greater accountability and transparency,” said Lori Bestervelt, executive vice president and chief technical officer, NSF International. “We believe the Supplement OWL will be a valuable tool for regulators, retailers and consumers and we applaud the Council for Responsible Nutrition and all the other organizations involved in creating it.”

The two-tier site enables access to information by both manufacturers and to consumers regarding product labels and other information to make the product information more transparent. Supplement OWL is an innovative site to the industry, enabling public access of dietary supplement labels and supporting information.

"CRN is delighted to see NSF's public support and enthusiasm for the Supplement OWL," expressed Steve Mister, CRN president & CEO in a statement. "The registry is a crucial self-regulatory initiative that needs full industry support to succeed, and we're pleased that NSF has positioned itself behind the registry. It makes sense that NSF, as a leader in public health and safety, recognizes the importance of the Supplement OWL and the role it will play in advancing the supplement industry through accountability and transparency."