Kerala, India — Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd plans to take action against numerous U.S. based companies who Arjuna Natural claims is infringing on company patents. Arjuna Natural Extracts’ BCM-95, which is the bioavailable curcumin standardized for curcuminoids which also consist of turmeric essential oil and turmerones, was invented, manufactured and patented by Arjuna Natural alone. The company’s action is taking place after the product was found for sale in the U.S. through sales associates at Dolcas Biotech LLC.

"We will vigorously enforce and properly safeguard our intellectual property rights, which include prohibiting the illegal use of our patented invention,” said Dr. Benny Antony, Joint Managing Director of Arjuna, the inventor of the formulation.

Arjuna Natural has found that numerous companies in the U.S. have been using similar turmeric oils and turmerones in the curcumin formulations being sold nationally. As such, Arjuna Natural stated that legal action will be taken if the companies involved do not cease and desist in an attempt to protect the bioavailable curcumin invention that the company created in 2002.

“The decision to take legal action against any company infringing our patent will be seriously considered. We work on many research projects each year that bring significant value addition to our existing product portfolio. We will continue to invest in new technologies that answer the ever-changing needs of our customers striving for various natural health supplements. This also includes our commitment to diligently guard our intellectual property,” Dr. Antony emphasized.