Santiago de Chile— Benxia announced that it would be opening the Benexia Lipids Research Center in Ghent, Belgium. The purpose of the center it to “advance new research into the physico-chemical and application properties of Benexia ALA,” says said Sandra Gillot, CEO of Benexia in a press release. “It will also advise customers on the proper market positioning of chia seed ingredients in various  applications for dietary supplements, food and beverages, including fats and oils, vegetable spreads,  condiments, cooking oils, mayonnaise, dressings, and sports nutrition formulas.”

Hans Van Daele, business director, Benexia Europe will manage the center and Carolina Chica, headquartered in Santiago, will be the science and technology director. According to Gillot, center will work on a partnership basis with technical institutes, universities and other companies to collaborate on R & D projects and studies which will clarify health benefits and new market opportunities of chia-derived omega-3 ALA. Benexia received the first Novel Food authorization in Europe for the commercialization of chia oil for use as a supplement.