New York, NY — Kyowa Hakko Bio, an international health ingredient manufacturer, is launching a website dedicated to assist consumers in learning more about the brands but also to help manufacturers search for key ingredients for their products. Kyowa Hakka Bio utilizes innovative fermentation technology to produce multiple useful substances and ingredients worldwide to consumers, healthcare, pharmaceutical and healthcare markets.

“No one is positioned better to help consumers find products containing Kyowa ingredients than Kyowa. We have therefore announced the launch, a new website for products containing our ingredients and backed by our Kyowa Quality mark.” said Elyse Lovett, marketing manager at Kyowa Hakko USA.

The new website will focus on information about Kyowa’s Quality ingredient line and KQ Logo products globally. Ingredients in the Kyowa Quality line include pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, industrial grade ingredients, food-grade ingredients and amino acids. Kyowa Quality encompasses a brand essence of Nature, Health and Science. Kyowa encompasses Nature as its products are plant-based and are fermented using a natural process. The Health essence is based on the idea that the products are contributing to the well being and overall health of people globally, while the Science portion of the brand is a result of the scientific testing the products undergo to assure quality.