New York, NY— Algatech expands into the U.S. with the opening of Algatech Inc. in New York City. The subsidiary will assist the customers located in the North American Market, including the U.S., Canada and Mexico and Ken Seguine has been appointed as the Head of Algatech US.

“I’m excited to join the team at Algatech and help them better serve the North American market with our new organic and non-GMO ingredients,” says Seguine in a press release. “Algatech specializes in the development and production of ingredients derived from algae. I am looking forward to contributing my background in organic agriculture, cosmetics and dietary supplements to the company’s activities.”

Formerly the VP of sales and marketing of UAS Laboratories from 2013-2017, Ken Seguine was also executive VP of consumer products at Savesta Life Sciences Inc. With these past positions, Mr. Seguine has over 25 years of experience in personal care and dietary supplement markets.

Growth of AstaPure, Algatech’s leading microalgae ingredient brand should accelerate with the presence of the new U.S. location. The algal protein development project, part of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology consortium (EIT Food), will be led by Gary Brenner, who developed Algatech in the NAFTA markets since 2010.

“Algatech is focused on natural microalgae solutions,” says Stadler. “It cultivates microalgae in a patented, eco-friendly, closed system that allows the production of safe, pure ingredients and minimize its environmental footprint. The company works relentlessly to unlock the potential of microalgae, discovering and industrializing new strains of microalgae, and producing it in large scale through methods completely beneficial to both consumers and the planet.”

EIT’s Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC) chose Algatech to be the sole algae producer, through advanced capabilities and technologies, to develop new food sources from microalgae. Creating plant-based protein from microalgae is the focus of Algatech investments with assistance from ingredient companies worldwide.

“We are committed to expanding our global marketing network and strengthening our presence in the NAFTA markets,” enthuses Algatech CEO Hagai Stadler. “This includes highly qualified personnel recruitment, new product developments, and growing Algatech’s operation facilities in the Arava desert, Israel.”