Kennesaw, GA– An international custom enzyme formulator and probiotic-based contract manufacturer, Deerland Enzymes, has createdDigestible,an educational content portal within their website.

"This site is a hub for all things enzyme and probiotic. Our goal is to provide a wide variety of educational information related to formulating and manufacturing digestive health supplements," said Kristin Wilhoyte, director of marketing communications for Deerland Enzymes.

Part of the growing $1 billion digestive health industry, the probiotic and enzyme market continues to grow as more knowledgeable customers demand higher quality supplements. "Dietary supplements and health and wellness products positioned for digestive health are among the most popular platforms by value," Euromonitor International stated.

TheDigestibleeducational content portal will assist in providing information to consumers, as well as manufacturers, about some of the more difficult questions and challenges in the probiotic and overall digestive health supplement industry.Digestible content will be presented in four sections of importance to the industry: Chew with the Experts, Easy to Swallow Science, Gut Reactions and Market Breakdowns. Information on the site will be updated frequently as the industry changes.

The Easy to Swallow section exemplifies the importance of digestible content to the company as it concentrates on the journey of the product from its inception to its completion on the shelf. "With a wide range of supplement manufacturers in the industry today delivering digestive products," Wilhoyte adds, "we see it as important to welcome new entrants, as well as industry veterans, with truly accessible content."

Through the newDigestibleportal, Deerland can assist professionals by providing information regarding product manufacturing and formulation. The educational portal can now be viewed by professionals at: