Los Angeles, CA - Essential Living Foods, a California based superfood brand, has had its assets acquired by the Terrafertil Group. As an innovator of superfoods, as well as organic and sustainably sourced foods, Essential Living Foods and Terrafertil Group will work in tandem to promote the Essential Living Food’s “Ancient Wisdom- Modern Nutrition” and “Food as Medicine” philosophies.

A 202% global increase of new “superfood”, “superfruit”, and “supergrain” termed foods and drinks was shown between 2011 and 2015 by Mintel GNPD (Global New Products Database). With Global Industry Analysts indicating an estimation of over $130 billion in 2015 for these products, the upward “better for you” trend that functional foods, or superfoods, continues to gain momentum.

Terrafertil will have a first time presence in the US market with the acquirement of Essential Living Foods, which will expand the current success it enjoys in the U.K. and Latin America. Among the natural food products that Terrafertil acquired through Essential Living Foods are organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan snack mixes, as well as supplements and smoothie blends.

By sourcing from the product line source, Essential Living Foods will benefit from having access to larger supply chains and will continue to assist small farming communities worldwide. Five entrepreneur friends who remain in control of the company to this day founded Terrafertil in 2005.

“We are thrilled to welcome Essential Living Foods to the Terrafertil family and to our portfolio of brands and businesses around the world,” said the Bermeo Brothers: Raul, David and Daniel, managing directors of Terrafertil Group. “We have great respect for Essential Living Foods, with whom we share many common values and a strong commitment to sustainably sourced natural superfoods. Together, we will be able to further the philosophy of "Food as Medicine" and "Superfoods from the Source," and provide even greater value and higher quality products to people committed to transforming their health around the world, while helping small farmers and driving a greater social impact.”

One of the largest natural brands in Latin America, Terrafertil Nature’s Heart (www.naturesheartterrafertil.com) is ranked as the #1 trail mix brand in Mexico by Euromonitor International. In the U.K., Nature’s Heart, produces the dried super fruit Goldenberries, producing over 90% worldwide of throughout 22 countries.