Essen, DE— The Aldi supermarket chain plans to reinvent its look and product selection to deliver a modern and wholesome shopping experience to their customers. With the investment of $1.6 billion, the company also expects to grow to more than 1,300 locations by 2020.

Aldi will be adding natural and organic selections to their markets and removing certified synthetic colors and partially hydrogenated oils from its 90% stock of private label brands. The edge Aldi continues to have over its competitors like Walmart and Whole Foods is and has always been its prices.

Food culture experts at the Hartman Group stated that “ordinary, mid-class Americans" shop at Aldi's. Now more than ever, “ordinary Americans” are health conscious, and stores like Aldi will help in the health reform by saving shoppers about 25% in organic foods compared to the competition.

In addition to renewing their own natural product lines like liveGfree (gluten-free foods), SimplyNature, and baby-food brand Little Journey, Aldi will also be replacing unhealthy options at checkout lanes with nuts, granola bars, and trail mixes.

The Aldi space will be renovated with wider aisles, open ceilings, natural and LED lighting, as well as sustainable elements like energy saving refrigeration and sustainable building materials. Aldi CEO Jason Hart says the space is needed for their fresh offerings of meat, produce, and bakery items.

These renovations are meant to improve, not sacrifice, the shopper’s experience and budget. Aldi will continue to offer low prices after their new eco-friendly development.