Washington D.C.— The leading trade association for the dietary supplement and functional food industry, The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), announced that thirteen new companies have become members of the association. The companies include: Voting Members—Brassica Protection Products LLC; Cadena Bio Inc; doTERRA International; Earthrise Nutritionals; Hermes Pharma; NeoCell; Physician’s Seal, LLC; Probi USA, Inc. dba Nutraceutix; Unique Encapsulation Technology LLC; and Associate Members—ACG North America; Gilbert LLP-Insurance Recovery Law; Lifesciencerisk; and Pure Branding Inc.

The new member companies are comprised of:

Brassica Protection Products LLC – Brassica Protection Products, founded in 1997, is a leader in the development and research of nutritional ingredients that are derived from cruciferous vegetables, especially broccoli. Brassica produces trueboc glucoraphanin, which is marketed for use in beverages, functional foods and nutritional supplements, from its own broccoli seeds. Brassica has been partnering with researchers at John Hopkins School of Medicine since its founding in order to better examine glucoraphanin’s many health benefits.

Cadena Bio Inc. – For the last six years, Cadena Bio has mastered a breakthrough technology that created revolutionary ingredients designed to feed the microbiome to boost beneficial bacteria naturally, making Cadena Bio Inc. at the forefront of mastering the science behind nourishing the human microbiome.

doTerra International – Through a global network of over three million independent direct-sales distributors, doTerra International is currently a leader in distributing, manufacturing, sourcing and testing certified pure essential oils, inclusive of oil-infused dietary supplements. A group of business and healthcare professionals founded doTerra International in 2008 with a mission towards therapeutic essential oils being shared throughout the world.

Earthrise Nutritionals – Earthrise Nutritionals ahs been a pioneer in spirulina production since 1976 and currently distributes its products in over 20 countries worldwide. With a mission to benefit its consumers health by developing, manufacturing, marketing and producing the highest quality spirulina and spirulina-based nutritional products, Earthrise’s ecologically sustainable farm is in Southern California and manufactures spirulina as a finished product, bulk ingredient or as Linablue, their natural color blue. . One of the highest densities of protein found in ay food, ecologically grown spirulina offers iron than raw spinach, more beta-carotene than carrots and more calcium than milk on a pram per gram basis.

Hermes Pharma – based in Germany, Hermes Pharma creates and manufactures user-friendly oral dosage form, inclusive of chewable tablets, instant drinks, lozenges and orally disintegrating granules globally for healthcare companies. Hermes Pharma develops new product concepts and formulations ranging in the areas of manufacturing to regulatory support.

NeoCell – A manufacturer of collagen supplement formulas for vibrant youth, vitality and glowing beauty, NeoCell has been providing affordable high-potency collagen support products, as well as molecule collagen, for over two decades. NeoCell has won awards for its innovation and sustainable packaging initiatives as well as being involved in charities and collagen education and marketing.

Physician’s Seal, LLC – A new company with its first product being launched in 2017, Physician’s Seal is focusing on the development and commercialization of science-based dietary supplements and OTC drugs.

Probi USA, Inc. dba Nutraceutix – Since October of 2016, Nutraceutix has been a part of Probi, a leader within the probiotics field known for its dedication towards probiotics from R&D to the finished products found in food industry and consumer healthcare. Nutraceutix is one of the largest suppliers and manufacturers of probiotics in North American and offers a proprietary delivery technology Bio-tract amongst its range of probiotic products.

Unique Encapsulation Technology, LLC – Unique Encapsulation Technology (UET) specializes in vegetarian liquid and suspension fill capsule delivery for its contracted companies. Powder fill encapsulation utilizing both gelatin and vegetarian options are available from UET, as well as sachet filling services. Guidance and expertise for customers is available covering all areas from inception of the product to shelf life recommendations.

ACG North America – A part of ACG Worldwide, ACG North America offers a wide variety of hard capsules in addition to multiple packaging and manufacturing solutions compliant to global regulations. ACG North America meets requests of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets across the U.S, Mexico and Canada. Support for machine installation as well as comprehensive training programs for productions teams are handled by a team of technical experts located in New Jersey. These experts also assist customers to improve machine performance and productivity.

Gilbert LLP – Insurance Recovery Law – Located in Washington D.C, Gilbert LLP is a law firm with an attention towards liability strategies for defendants in tort matters and insurance recovery for companies and insured’s among other practices. Actively representing supplement and food companies, Gilbert LLP assists in insurance and indemnification claims that involve product contamination or liability, supply chain disruptions, consumer class actions, Property 64 liabilty and intellectual property among other losses. They also assist in implementing risk management strategies to avoid onset of issues.

Lifesciencerisk – Life science companies can find coverage with Lifesciencerisk, which specializes in providing and underwriting product liability, general liability and error and omission liability when they are pursuing development, distribution, manufacturing and promotion of dietary supplement industry products. Coverage also includes development of Proposition 65 liability. Lifesciencerisk underwrites syndicates at Lloyds.

Pure Branding, Inc. – Pure Branding provides expertise from both a consumer and practitioner channel by developing and marketing dietary supplement and functional food companies through engagement, insights and actionable research. Decades of experience in the industry and Pure Branding’s research practices make them a good investment for companies utilizing their services.

A complete list of CRN member companies is available on the association’s website.