Fort Lauderdale, FL; Irvine, CA—Astaxanthin suppliers ArcticFarma and BGG have settled a trademark infringement issue that is leading to the rebranding of BGG’s algae business.

The two companies marketed similarly named brands: Algae Life Sciences from BGG, and Algalife and Algae for Life from ArcticFarma. ArcticFarma’s CEO Andrew Jacobson, stated, “Our commitment to our five keys to success, our core values and the dedication to producing the highest quality product possible led us to this action that resulted in a binding agreement with the BGG subsidiary to immediately cease using the trademark.”

BGG will rename its algae subsidiary Algae Health Sciences, Inc., shortened to AlgaeHealth in its logo and for trade relations. The company also will use a new tagline, “Improving Health with Algae,” and relaunch its website at

The site will offer information about AlgaeHealth’s flagship product AstaZine Natural Astaxanthin such as listing scientific abstracts about the health benefits of astaxanthin, listing appropriate structure–function claims for the ingredient and offering a medical research library on astaxanthin.

“[We] chose to change our name rather than litigate,” said Joe Huff, CEO of AlgaeHealth’s North American operation. “To be honest, this worked out fine as we prefer the AlgaeHealth name. It reflects our company’s mission very well: To research, produce and market efficacious ingredients with unsurpassed quality from algae to improve health.”

Published in WholeFoods Magazine September 2016