Expo West 2016

Oslo, Norway—Aker BioMarine shared with Expo West attendees details about its new Flexitech technology, which is said to bring new innovation to the krill oil market.

Aker says the new technology will allow it to bump up levels of certain desirable krill oil components (like phospholipids, astaxanthin and omega-3s) while stripping the oil of the salts (like trimethylamine N-oxide) that give the oil an unwanted “fishy” odor and taste. In addition, oils extracted with this technology will be less viscous, easier to work with and have a brighter red color.

Unlike high-heat molecular distillation, Aker’s new technology uses low temperature and “efficient fractionation methods” to get rid of unwanted salts and other components. The method also uses ethanol and water as solvents.

In combination with this announcement, Aker launched its new Superba 2 oil, which makes use of Flexitech to create a next-generation krill oil with “improved smell, taste and visual appearance.” The oil is made in Aker BioMarine's newly operational plant in Houston, TX. Says the company, “This 180,000-square-foot NSF GMP facility is where the company will now produce Superba 2, along with future Superba innovations.”

Aker BioMarine CEO Matts Johansen teased that more innovation is on the way. He stated, “Our new facility and technology will allow us to continually innovate to produce new products like Superba 2. This is just the beginning of a new era for omega-3s and krill."

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, May 2016 (online 3/24/16)