Missoula, MT—Kamut International has announced that Bob Quinn will step down as President of the company and pass over the reigns to his nephew, Trevor Blyth. This spring, the brand celebrates 35 years since the introduction of its ancient grain, KAMUT Brand khorasan wheat, to the markets.

"I was always hoping that someone from the family would take over for me," said Bob. "My dad passed it on to me, and I'm now passing the hat on to my nephew. I have great confidence in Trevor. For the past 15 years, he has grown with and been running the business side of Kamut International, helping to build a global brand."

Under Quinn's leadership, the company has been at the forefront of regenerative organic agriculture since its origins and has been committed to promoting the philosophy of "food as medicine" as a means of promoting health and prevention of diet-related chronic diseases.

Blyth is excited to carry on the family business and is inspired by the work. "KAMUT Brand khorasan wheat is amazing," he said in the press release, "but on top of that, it inspires me to be able to continue our commitment to providing people with healthy and nutritious food and at the same time contributing to improving the health of the environment."
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