Netherlands—While everyone loves sweets, Innova Market Insights notes in a press release that the consumer drive towards wellness has entered the confectionary, bakery, ice cream, and desserts categories, leading to new challenges for manufacturers trying to meet these conflicting demands. There are, however, a few tricks to success in this area.
  1. Reduced Sugar. 91% of consumers are influenced by sugar reduction claims. How have manufacturers dealt with this? Innova has seen manufacturers remove sugar altogether, blend sugar with sweeteners, make advancements in sugar science, and focus on other macronutrient benefits. Sugar reduction has been successful in the ice cream marketwith an emphasis on bolder on-pack calorie counts, explains Lu Ann Williams, Global Insights Director at Innova Market Insights. She adds, “Several brands, such as Halo Top, have established themselves firmly on a low sugar platform. Their success owes much to pricing that is similar to premium mainstream products and a strong brand ethos centered on health.” 
  2. Increased Protein. Another option for manufacturers? Focus on protein. Protein as a macronutritent is attracting attention and fits well with dairy-based desserts, Williams says. Depending on the product, increased protein may help attract sports nutrition consumers, as well.
  3. Go Plant-Based. Ingredients like pea protein and rice protein are an emerging niche in the sweets space. In sweeteners, plantbased ingredients like steviaerythritol,  and monk fruit are gaining popularity and are likely to appear in more indulgent foods going forward. 

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