Amazon has announced an Amazon Fresh grocery store in Woodland Hills, California, to be opened to a “select group of invited customers” who will be able to shop there before it opens to the public, according to a press release.

The store is designed to “offer a seamless grocery shopping experience, whether customers are shopping in-store or online,” the company announced. Customers will be able to use the Amazon Dash Cart and skip the checkout line, and new Alexa features will help customers navigate the aisles.

Start ID: Image is a top-down of a Dash Cart, a hand basket-sized green cart with a black handle. Facing the handle, and therefore the user of the cart, is a screen, displaying various groceries inside the cart--radishes, broccoli, oranges. The cart contains two paper bags of produce and packaged goods; there's no space left in the cart, short of piling more food on top of the two bags. The cart is standing on a green floor. End ID.
Dash cart. Courtesy of Amazon.

CNN explains that the store will contain Amazon Echo Show smart displays so that customers can use Alexa in-store. The Dash Carts are small, smart shopping carts. Customers log into the cart using their Amazon app and place their items into the basket; the cart scans items with a bar code and weighs products like produce. The customers then exit through a specific sensor-enabled lane that automatically charges the credit card attached to their Amazon account. However, unlike the cashier-less Amazon Go stores, the Amazon Fresh stores will have traditional cash registers and cashiers for those who opt to not use the Dash Cart or who have larger grocery trips—CNN reports that the Dash Carts only hold two grocery bags.

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Customers will have the option of picking up in-store, ordering online, or shopping in-store. Prime members will receive free same-day delivery.

Amazon Fresh will require face coverings for all employees and customers, as well as daily temperature checks for all employees. The store will offer free disposable masks to any customer who needs one, and will operate at 50% capacity.