Chicago, IL—SPINS has announced a new data partnership with C.A. Fortune, a privately held full-service consumer brands sales and marketing agency.

The partnership uses the power of SPINS’ proprietary assets to accelerate C.A. Fortune’s role as a growth strategist, according to a press release. Together, the companies are developing a marketplace reporting platform to enable outsized portfolio growth, retail operational execution, and new approaches for engaging customers, all on one platform.

"In today's dynamic consumer product industry, investment in innovation has become a table stake for success. SPINS continues to drive innovation, safeguarding wins to SPINS ecosystem partners in the North American marketplace," said Tony Olson, Owner and CEO of SPINS, in the press release. "SPINS and C.A. Fortune are poised to set a new standard for what innovative organizations can achieve together, by leveraging emerging technologies, deep product expertise and the power of aligned resources. I am thrilled that C.A. Fortune recognizes that a partnership with SPINS further affirms their position as a service innovator."
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The press release says that SPINS technology investments redefine how data can be used, providing actionable insights through digital solutions.

"Even in such an unpredictable year, C.A. Fortune has continued to execute on what it means to be a full-service consumer brands agency and challenge ourselves on how we can further live our values," said CEO and Managing Partner at C.A. Fortune, Tyler Lowell, in the press release. "We are an organization founded on innovation, disrupting traditional brokerages and setting a new standard of what a client should expect from a partner. We seek partners that aim to do the same; break the status quo and look to what should be done, rather than what has been done. Which is why we have chosen to further strengthen our relationship with SPINS, allowing our brands to achieve larger results."