New York, NYBeyond Goodis celebrating its one-year anniversary operating a modern chocolate factory in Madagascar. The heirloom dark chocolate manufacturer produced one million chocolate bars, and employed 42 full-time employees in its first year of operation at a state-of-the-art chocolate factory, according to a company press release.

While70%of the world's cocoa is grown in Africa, less than 1% of the world's chocolate is produced there, and Beyond Good wants to change that. “By making finished products in Africa, we are redefining high-quality chocolate and sustainability in the chocolate industry, challenging the status quo,” said Tim McCollum, Founder and CEO, Beyond Good, in the release. “Our production model reflects our mission. Our brand name reflects our mission. Just being ‘good’ in the chocolate industry isn’t good enough."

Beyond Good announced plans to double production at their Madagascar based facility with more than 50% of chocolate bars. With a strong social initiative, the company recognizes supply chain fragmentation, labor laws, environmental degradation and employee compensation as top concerns.

“Of the more than 1,000 chocolate brands in the U.S. market, Beyond Good is the only one producing chocolate at source in Africa. Unless we are fundamentally different in our approach, the industry will never change,” said McCollum.