Richmond, BC, Canada—Nature’s Path Foods has committed to making all of its packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025,according to a press release.The company is joining more than 350 organizations to be part of theNew Plastics Economy Global Commitment.

Nature’s Path, the release notes, has already achieved significant sustainability goals. It has multi-national sites that are all zero-waste certified and has decreased the amount of plastic and cardboard used for specific products such as envirobox and ecopacs.

Nature’s Path doesn’t use artificial preservatives or additives, the company noted, so the packaging must help to preserve product freshness. “Although we haven’t found a suitable plant-based plastic material that keeps the food fresh over the course of its shelf life, we’ve been testing a variety of alternatives, and we’re working diligently with others in the organic industry to find a solution that uses non-Genetically Modified sources,” said Jyoti Stephens, vice president of mission and strategy at Nature’s Path. “Our approach to investing in sustainable packaging complements the role of organic by keeping toxic pesticides from our soil, waterways and food. Our customers’ values are aligned with ours—we all want packaging that is better for the planet.”