Asheville, NC—The plant-based food trend is here to stay and it’s getting bigger, if recent news is anything to go by: No Evil Foods, a plant meat brand, is going to hit 1000 Kroger locations across the country, according to a press release.

No Evil Foods will supply Comrade Cluck, The Stallion, and El Zapatista to Kroger, increasing its presence in the South, MidAtlantic, Pacific Northwest, and Southwest regions of the U.S., as well as in California and Kansas.

Diana Buckel, VP of sales for No Evil Foods, expressed excitement about the partnership: “As the largest US-based supermarket chain, it’s exciting to see proof that Kroger is following through with this exciting opportunity to offer foods that will sustain people and planet. No Evil Foods is thrilled and excited that Kroger has chosen our brand to partner with in fulfilling the commitment they have made to their shopper, and we look forward to a very long, successful partnership.”

According to the press release, No Evil Foods intends to disrupt the food system by delivering small-batch plant-based meats made with sustainable ingredients.

This news comes asBeyond Meat goes publicwith soaring stocks, andBurger King and Qdobaare bringing Impossible Foods meat to locations country-wide.