Seattle, WA--According to a report by Yahoo Finance, Whole Foods Market plans to convert its 365 stores into regular Whole Foods stores by the end of 2019. This decision accompanies Whole Foods Market’s decision to stop the expansion of their smaller format stores due to poor performance.

The 365 stores will change their product assortments, back-end distributions, and store signages, according to the report. They will also remain in operation while the changes are being made. Since the 365 buildings are smaller than the regular Whole Foods Market buildings, the converted stores may lack certain features, such as a full-service meat counter.

Yahoo Finance quoted Phil Lempet, a grocery industry analyst, about Whole Foods' decision: “It’s logical just to convert these few stores into Whole Foods, keep locations that have already got the leases on them. I think that it's smart to just have a singular focus.”

The full report can be foundhere.