Whiting, IN—The coupon-clipping public has spoken: 72% of U.S. adults would be more inclined to buy organic food items if they were less expensive than their conventionally produced counterparts. This is according to a new survey conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of CouponCabin.com, which polled more than 2,000 participants aged 18 and over.

Some 45% of respondents said they rarely or never seek out organic food. Among this subset of shoppers, 65% cite their perception, or their experience, that organic is too expensive. About 38% said they don’t see the purpose of organic food in the first place. Meanwhile, 9% claim to prefer non-organic food products, and 7% point to a lack of availability of organic food where they do their shopping.

Couponcabin.com president Jackie Warrick suggests to the coupon-wielding legions that they should look to local farmer’s markets and food co-ops for cost savings, look for coupons and sales that suit their food needs, and buy healthy foods in bulk, such as fruits, vegetables and meats, to freeze and eat later. These statistics, meanwhile, may help organic retailers to better know the attitudes and needs of their shoppers, as well as understand those who aren’t sold on organic.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, August 2012