Los Angeles, CA—Wakunaga of America, Co., Ltd., is celebrating 50 years strong in the natural products industry. The company, which was started in America in 1972, is reflecting on its past as it marks the milestone with plans for new product launches, retailer and consumer promotions, and other celebratory activities.

A look back:Wakunaga's signature product, Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract (AGE), was developed by scientist Dr. Eugene Schnell and banker Mr. Manji Wakunaga in post-World War II Japan. “When my grandfather, Manji Wakunaga, founded Wakunaga Pharmaceutical Company in Osaka, Japan in 1955, his goal was to produce the highest-quality supplements that were backed by scientific evidence and proven safe and effective,” Kanji Wakunaga, company President, said in a press release. “An additional tenet of his was that all products would be marketed using truthful advertising, absent of outlandish marketing claims.”

Honoring the founding principles:In 1972, AGE was introduced to America, and today’s AGE begins with organic garlic grown in California. After being harvested, the garlic is cleaned, sliced, and naturally aged for up to 20 months, without added heat. The company says this unique aging process is a point of difference: It converts the garlic’s harsh and unstable organosulfur properties into the bioavailable, beneficial compounds that distinguish Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract from other garlic products on the market.

“Although the company has experienced tremendous growth over the past 50 years, we have continued to create our uniquely beneficial Aged Garlic Extract using the same  traditional aging process developed more than a half a century ago,” said Michael Modjeski, Chief Commercial Officer of Wakunaga of America, in the release.

Wakunaga also remains committed to truthful advertising and solid science. The company points to more than 900 published scientific papers from prestigious universities and research institutes around the world. Among the findings, the company says AGE has been shown to:
  • support healthy cholesterol, homocysteine, and blood pressure levels.
  • promote healthy circulation
  • reduce coronary artery calcification
  • enhance immunity
  • encourage proper cognitive and liver function.
To maximize these benefits, Wakunaga has paired AGE with other herbs and nutrients. The company also launched additional health supporting products in 1988: a powdered green drink mix under the Kyo-Green brand name, and Kyo-Dophilus Probiotics featuring its proprietary “Friendly Trio” blend of probiotic strains to enhance gut health and support immune function.

Celebrating the team effort:Key to the five decades of success, adds Modjeski: Wakunaga’s family of employees. "Their dedication and talents, along with their commitment to helping people achieve better health, have enabled Wakunaga to thrive. We look forward to the next 50 years of empowering consumers to attain and maintain good health with our quality, science-backed supplements.”

Throughout 2022, 50th anniversary events will include new product launches, retailer and consumer promotions, and other celebratory activities. The company will also sponsor a special sweepstakes with monthly prizes. Overall, the company shares, 2022 will provide a special opportunity to showcase Wakunaga’s commitment to promoting good health through unique, high quality, scientifically backed supplements.