Virtual—The Naturally Informed eventNutri-Beauty: Mastering the Marketwas as jam-packed with information as expected, ranging from deep dives on specific ingredients to even deeper dives the skin microbiome. Fortunately, if you missed it, the majority of the content is available for free on-demand

Kicking it all off was Paula Simpson, Formulation & Brand Expert at Nutribloom Consulting, with the Day 1 Keynote. She told attendees about market drivers for the beauty-from-within market, including attitudes, lifestyle, and the clean beauty movement. Included in that discussion: a new attitude towards aging. “The concept of anti-aging is gone,” Simpson said. “We are now ageless.”

Another finding Simpson shared: top beauty concerns addressed with supplements. Clear skin, restoring collagen, and firming the skin was a top concern for 34% of people—behind stronger nails (47%) and hair growth/health (54%).

For more on beauty concerns, purchase influencers, ingredient preferences, anti-aging terms on the rise, and anti-aging terms on the decline, go hereto view her session on-demand (you can register to access the content for free, or login if you are already registered).

Moving on to the skin microbiome, Founder of Galinée Marie Drago brought tips for suppliers on how to grow the gut-skin sector—including large, strain-specific studies, and branching out from probiotics. Customers want, in this market, just what they want in every other market: To know that what they’re buying will do what it says it’ll do, and to know that it’s safe, Drago said.

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On Day 2, Suhail Ishaq, President,BioCell Technology, brought more consumer research to the table. Some insights: “82% of consumers believe the best way to meet their beauty objectives is to adopt an inside-out approach using supplements,” he shared, “and 88% consider supplements a regular part of their daily skin and body care routine.” He broke the category down by format—capsules, tablets, pills, gummies, and powders—and by generation, noting which generations are willing to pay more and what, specifically, they’re willing to pay for, at all.

For trend forecasts straight from Amazon, look no farther than the “Trends & Market Opportunities” panel, featuring Dan Harari, VP of Business Development atClearCut Analytics. “Trends happen on Amazon about 24 months before they happen in-store,” he told attendees, and Amazon’s “infinite shelf size” makes its data unique. Harari was able to present data on hair/skin/nails products, brands that are dominating the market, and the ingredients that are drawing in the highest revenue.

In the same panel, Trust Transparency Center CEO Len Monheit brought insights into the collagen market, breaking it down by country and honing in on a major influencer in the category: dietitians, who are—or are not—recommending collagen, and why. “Collagen awareness is on the rise,” Monheit told attendees, “the science base is building, consumers increasingly understand it, and dietitians represent a powerful community.”Find outwhat his data revealed about opportunity in this space.

Speaking to the law side of the market, Angela Diesch, Managing Partner at Diesch Law Group, walked attendees through the struggles of getting a product on shelves in multiple countries. “One of the challenges in the EU is even just the language that companies can use to talk to consumers,” she said, explaining that whether or not a product claim or statement is legal is often determined case-by-case, and by individual member states. In the U.S., she told attendees, “the issue isn’t just disease claims, it’s also issues of the body. FDA has said that wrinkles are an issue of the body, age spots are an issue of the body. So if I say my product reduces wrinkles, that’s a drug claim.” In the Q&A portion of her presentation, she offered insightson what steps manufacturers can take to reduce risk and financial loss, and start out with permissible structure/function claims.

This is just a sampling of information brought to attendees for free, all of which is available on-demand. Stay tuned for more coverage of the event, andregister hereto access every session recorded over the course of this two-day conference.