The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) has recognized companies within the herbal products space, including Indena and Herbalife Nutrition.

Indena is the first-ever recipient of AHPA’s Centennial Award, which recognizes companies celebrating 100 years in the botanical derivatives industry. Indena is being honored for the “pioneering and innovative spirit with which it has contributed to the development and growth of the high-quality botanical extracts industry for 100 years,” according to a press release from Indena. The company in the present day is dedicated to the research, development, and production of premium botanical extracts.

Indena CEO Daniele Giavini said in the press release: “This award confirms the importance of our ongoing commitment to high quality and our extremely innovative approach, as we continue to invest in product research, new processes, and new technologies, with a focus on sustainability. This award stimulates us to go forward into our next century with the same vision and enthusiasm, developing products that are increasingly complying to the health needs of the community, with care and respect for the environment.”

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Herbalife received the 2020 AHPA Herbal Industry Leadership Award, according to a company press release, for its “outstanding work in advancing the herbal industry through scientific leadership and establishing standards that contribute to public health and consumer safety.”

Over the past 11 years, Herbalife Nutrition has invested more than $30 million in laboratories and research centers around the globe. It owns eight quality control laboratories with full ISO 17025 accreditation and four R&D centers. The company publishes papers on analytical method development to benefit the industry, while employing scientists and experts in genomics, BI analytics, NMR research, sensory, formulation development, science safety, and botanical extract research.

“It is truly an honor to receive this award and be recognized for the gold standard we’ve established in the industry,” said Gary Swanson, SVP of Quality Control at Herbalife Nutrition, in the press release. “For 40 years, herbs and botanicals have been key ingredients in our products as we recognize the importance of embracing science and technology to develop the best nutritional products on the market while ensuring the trust of our consumers.”

Other awards include:

Hero Award:Given to Dr. Rob Wildman, who has served as AHPA's Sports Nutrition Committee chair since its inception. AHPA's press release states: "Listening to Dr. Wildman speak is akin to a master class presentation being made. He's a walking, talking wealth of sports nutrition knowledge embodied in human form." He believes in AHPA's work, and is dedicated to the herbal community.

Herbal Insight:SafetyCall operates a 24/7 adverse event call center, and an industry leader in this service. Their practitioners have professionally authored over 100 product safety position papers and technical reports, published numerous articles and methodical abstracts in leading specialized journals, contributed a variety of book chapters, and given hundreds of scientific presentations in leading qualified venues.

Diversity & Inclusion:Naturade owners Grant Hill and Kareem Cook are looking to make healthy and nutritious food available to all people, regardless of income or grocery store access, and are specifically targeting Black communities as ones that often do not have access to healthy and nutritious food. AHPA linked to a video of Hill and Cook speaking on this topic,which can be found here.

Herbal Pioneer:This award, given posthumously, goes to Tony Hayes, a producer and marketer of North American wildcrafted herbs for almost 50 years. The press release states that he was "a country gentleman, and a digger—someone as comfortable with going into his woods with a burlap bag and a shovel as he was selling locally harvested herbs to the largest companies in the country and meeting with federal regulators to represent his segment of the herb trade." The release also calls him a "virtual warehouse of knowledge for herbal data."

"Every year, AHPA recognizes the hard work and dedication of individuals and organizations that go above and beyond to ensure the continued success of the herbal industry," said AHPA President Michael McGuffin. "AHPA and the entire herbal products industry have greatly benefited from their expertise and passion for herbs. These awards are a small token of our gratitude for their tireless efforts."