Washington, D.C.—The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) has launched a newSupplement OWL websiteto further increase industry transparency.

The updated design prioritizes user experience, makes it easier for industry to participate in the voluntary product listing, and welcomes a broader registry audience, a press release states. It now provides clear navigation for business participants, supplement users, and regulators.

“We prioritized upgrading user experience,” said Gretchen Powers, CRN’s Senior Director of Marketing and Member Experience. “These enhancements help users, like consumers and regulators, find the information they need quickly and easily.”

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The improvements will allow regulators to more easily access important product and manufacturer information, promoting accountability to consumers and the broader industry, the press release states. Business participants now have access to tools they have been requesting, which will allow them to add products more easily. TheOWLwill also help supplement users easily identify products, their ingredients, and the companies making them.

“Broad industry participation in the Supplement OWL is critical,” said Luke Huber, ND, MBA, VP of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs at CRN. “This self-regulatory initiative serves as a model for mandatory product listing, proposed by FDA and supported by CRN and other responsible stakeholders in the industry.”

CRN urges all supplement companies to participate in the initiative. More information ncan be found atwww.SupplementOWL.org.