Lawrence, KS—Pines is celebrating its 45thanniversary, according to a press release, and 90 years as Cerophyl.

The product first took root in 1931, when Dr. Charles F. Schnabel first planted wheatgrass. In spring of 1932, it reached its maximum nutrition as determined by Dr. Schnabel’s scientific team, which found that cereal grass powder harvested at that period contained many times more vitamins than grocery store vegetables. They called the powder Cerophyl, and referred to it as the world’s first multivitamin.

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Dr. Schnabel fed the powder to his children during the Great Depression, and documented their excellent health, according to the press release. The product was in nearly every pharmacy. Dr. Schnabel sent Cerophyl to doctors and hospitals.

By 1960, synthetic vitamins had nearly replaced Cerophyl, but in 1976 Pines brought it back as Pines Wheat Grass, now framed not as a multivitamin but as a natural source of dark green, leafy vegetables, to fill the gaps in many diets.

The product is always sold in amber glass bottles to prevent nutrient loss. Learn more about the company and productshere.