Salt Lake City, UT—GOED has, its website describing the benefits of EPA and DHA omega-3 consumption for a healthcare practitioner (HCP) audience, according to a press release.

The updates include improved functionality to allow HCPs to find and collect studies on omega-3s and specific health outcomes, the press release says. The site is also now mobile friendly, has a new look and feel, curates different HCP Continuing Education Units on omega-3s, and offers a free subscription to GOED’s quarterly scientific newsletter for professionals.

Related: OmegaQuant, Standard Process Offer Omega-3 Testing Kits for HCPs Increased Omega-3 Intake Linked to Cardioprotection Benefits of Omega-3 on Alzheimer’s Patients Reliant on Dose now includes a section with patient-specific details including infographics and videos, which, in combination with the other new features, strengthen the site’s objectives of informing HCPs about the clinical benefits of EPA and DHA consumption, according to the press release.

The release notes that is one part of GOED’s strategy to educate HCPs, and that GOED invites all omega-3 companies to share the site with HCPs.