Washington, D.C.—New Hampshire has proposed new state regulations for consumable hemp and CBD products, according to a press release from the Natural Products Association (NPA).Virginia,Texas, andHawaiihave all proposed state regulations as well.

The bill:
  • Allows for the sale of products containing CBD derived from hemp.
  • Requires products containing hemp-derived CBD to be registered annually by the manufacturer.
  • Creates a position in the Department of Agriculture, Markets, and Food to perform inspections relative to registered products containing CBD derived from hemp.
In commentssubmitted regarding the bill, NPA wrote: “NPA applauds the efforts of the sponsors and the committee to address this issue. The time for enforcement of CBD is long overdue. Across the country, we are seeing state after state recognize the gaps left by the FDA and begin to develop their regulatory standards. While it is our opinion that the best approach is for one uniform national standard, we understand that the FDA has yet to take responsibility for this public health issue and establish a regulatory framework for manufacturers…Which is why we support the passage of House Bill 1581.”

The comments continue: “NPA and our member companies are concerned that without a clear regulatory pathway in place, tainted products will continue to enter the marketplace, leaving consumers susceptible to harm and discouraging legitimate companies from engaging in interstate commerce…While we believe regulatory standards from the FDA are the best way to move forward with this promising new comments while protecting consumers, we are supportive of the standards outlined in this legislation.”
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The press release notes that NPA has helped craft legislation passed by the U.S. House of Representatives that provides resources so the FDA can perform a Health Hazard Evaluation and set a safe level of CBD consumption.

“This is a federal regulatory issue, FDA needs to do its job, and they need to do it now. While it is good that more states realize the public health risk of completely unregulated products in the marketplace, further delay by FDA is not good for public health or for the CBD industry, because the best approach is one uniform national standard based on sound science that is enforceable,” said NPA Director for Government Affairs Kyle Turk in the press release.