Ann Arbor, MI—NSF International announced that it has signed an agreement with theGlobal Retailer and Manufacturer Alliance(GRMA). NSF International will serve as a certifying body providing audits to GRMA member suppliers. Talks between the two organizations began at the founding of the GRMA in 2014, according to a press release.

“Since the GRMA’s inception, the goal has been to standardize the metrics for evaluating compliance across the supply chain,” David Trosin, Managing Director of Health Sciences Certification at NSF International, said in the release. “With the finalization of the three standards for dietary supplements, cosmetics/personal care products and over-the-counter drug products, NSF International is now poised to complete audits to the various standards used in the development of the GRMA certification program.”

GRMA, Trosin continued, "has made great strides in increasing efficiencies and reducing costs for its members by identifying costly inconsistencies across the various conformance standards required by multiple manufacturers and developing a single, more comprehensive harmonized standard. This will have a significant positive impact on manufacturers by reducing the number of audits and total audit days. As a result, manufacturers can look forward to as little as one audit per site per year, with results accepted by any GRMA member.”
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The certification program developed by GRMA is designed to harmonize multiple standards in three product categories, defining a consistent approach for Good Manufacturing Practices for manufacturers, according to the release. The program utilizes the NSF/ANSI 455 standards that encompass relevant regulations, retailer requirements and industry best practices. GRMA will centralize the resultant data for its members, NSF International explained, as a way to alleviate duplication of effort and streamline data flow for members.

“The GRMA is excited to expand our collaboration within industry and are especially thankful for the support NSF International has provided to GRMA since its inception,” GRMA Chairman Mike Finamore said in the release.