Los Angeles, CA—Chromadex Corp.has partnered with Matakana Health Limited (MHL) to make their health supplementTru Niagenavailable online in Australia, after successfully launching it in New Zealand, they announced in a press release. Tru Niagen works to increase NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) levels, help maintain general health and support energy levels, according to the release.

“When our bodies face physiological stress, it is more important than ever that we maintain NAD+ levels to support tissue repair and general health and well-being,” Dr. Andrew Shao, ChromaDex SVP of Global Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, said in the release. “Boosting NAD+ will also help maintain energy levels to keep up with fitness routines while at home.”
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The release highlights that NAD+ levels decrease with age, as it becomes increasingly more important to maintain general health as one ages. According to the release, Tru Niagen effectively boosted NAD+ in six published human trials.

“Maintenance of NAD+ levels is fundamental to human health and well-being,” said Matakana Health CEO Kevin Glucina in the press release. “We appreciate the robust science behind Tru Niagen and are happy to launch this product in Australia with the pioneers at ChromaDex.”