Vancouver, WA—Mybite has created a new campaign to reflect their core mission of “health, made happy,” according to a press release. Inspired by their love of the outdoors, the new visual identity emphasizes their products’ “delicious and sophisticated flavor combinations that have never been done in the vitamin category before,” the release says.

The new campaign comes from a desire to connect being healthy with the idea that nutrition can be fun. A constant in the campaign: the chocolate mountain, indicating Mybite’s flavor profile.
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Mybite has also refreshed its labels, which bring the bites themselves to the center of attention. Kate Jones, President of Mybite, said in the release: “Our label refresh allows us to show off the flavor profile and ingredients that make Mybite unique and so innovative.”

Product varieties include multivitamins and the wellness supplements Calcium, Energy, Sweet Zzzz, Immune, and Beauty Inside and Out.

The new world will be visible in their updated website and throughout their social media presence beginning in April 2020.