Sarasota, FL—Sovereign Silver is celebrating its 20thanniversary manufacturing and distributing its Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol to health stores and pharmacies nationwide, according to a press release.

Founded in 1999, the release says that Sovereign Silver has been “the #1 selling silver brand for the past 15 straight years in the Immune Support category.” Sovereign Silver is 98% bioactive, which is crucial to the product’s safety and efficacy.
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Co-owner Theo Quinto said in the release: “Founded by my father, Sovereign Silver has always intended to be a multi-generational family company bringing one of history’s most health-benefitting wonders to all of us.” This 20 years, the release says, is only the beginning of the company’s commitment to continue enriching lives.

Expo West attendees can celebrate the anniversary: Head to booth #4165 on Friday at 4:00 p.m. forSovereign Silver’s 20th anniversary celebration. And ask about Silver Patrol: Retailers can grab a Sovereign Silver t-shirt to wear around the show. Be seen by the “Silver Patrol” to score a prize.

Sovereign Silver produces Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol liquid bottles in various sizes and also makes a homeopathic first aid gel as a healing solution to a broad-spectrum of skin applications, the release says. The company operates out of its own custom, state-of-the-art, GMP-certified facility and laboratories, where it continues to perfect colloidal technology.