Washington, D.C.—The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) is actively participating in high-profile events that engage with and influence the retail community, according to a press release, as part of an ongoing effort to strengthen the relationship between the dietary supplement industry and retailers.

CRN’s Retailer Relations Forum held its first in-person event at the NACDS Total Store Expo in Boston on August 26, where Brian Eason, VP consumer health & wellness at CVS, spoke to the Forum about CVS’ new Tested to be Trusted program. Over 1,600 products from more than 150 suppliers have gone through the program, and only 7% of those products did not pass testing. They have since been reformulated, relabeled, or removed from shelves. CRN’s Brian Wommack, SVP communications, toldWholeFoods: “Steve was finding that manufacturers aren’t really talking to retailers, so we’re trying to bring the two together and make those conversations happen, so manufacturers can better support retailers. Our first meeting was really successful, and we’re looking forward to future meetings.”

Tom Mondragon, VP sales at Olly PBC, and chair of CRN’s Retailer Relations Forum, said in the release: “A strong relationship between a dietary supplement company and a retailer is a core part of the foundation for establishing—and maintaining—trust in our products.” For more information on the Forum, contact Tom attom@olly.com.
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For the third year in a row, CRN sponsored and attended Shopping for Health, an invitation-only event held for registered dietitians, nutritionists and consumer advisors at supermarket and retail chains. CRN’s VP of communications, Nancy Weindruch, and communications manager Holly Vogtman, facilitated the session “Too Good to Be True,” discussing the dangers of adulterated products in the marketplace and how FDA regulation, industry best practices, and self-regulatory initiatives can mitigate those dangers.

Looking to the future, on October 6, at the Global Market Development Center’s Selfcare Summit, Steve Mister, president and CEO of CRN, will present the latest trends in supplements and offer strategic advice on partnering with supplement vendors to provide customers with better education.

Mister said in the press release: “CRN believes that strength comes from building alliances. In-person events are particularly effective for cooperation and showcasing CRN as a reputable partner when it comes to educational information on the supplement industry and its products. We are proud of the multiple platforms we’ve established for our member companies to build business with retailers and serve as CRN ambassadors.”