Boston, MA—Baze, provider of a blood-based, at-home nutritional testing kit, has raised $6 million in Series A funding, according to a press release. Supplement manufacturer Nature’s Way was the lead investor.

The Baze Starter Kit contains a blood collection device designed at MIT. Based on the results of the blood test, Baze will recommend and provide specific supplements, ensuring customers get the nutrients they need. Baze’s internal research has found that two-thirds of nutrient deficiencies were eliminated within the first three months of the program, and users have reported extra benefits, including increased energy, reduced stress, and improved sleep.
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Phillip Schulte, co-founder and CEO of Baze, said in the release: “We are at a pivotal growth point for Baze—it’s exciting to see how our offerings are evolving with the needs of our consumers and the world. The partnership with Nature’s Way is an amazing stamp of approval… While we retain full independence, their support will be tremendous for making our mission of driving real health impact through truly personalized supplementation a reality.”

Mike Devereux, president and CEO of Nature’s Way, said in the release: “The technology and research developments used in this product are a game-changer for the vitamin supplement industry. The innovation behind Baze and the company’s determination to personalize a program that illustrates a baseline of nutrient compliance and creates the supporting vitamin protocols that assist in evolving to an even more optimal state of nutrient compliance is something we believe will help the consumer on their health journey.”