Sunrise, FL—Viva 5 and Taura have teamed up to bring 100% fruit-based gummy supplements to North America, according to a press release.

The release notes that Transparency Market Research estimates that the market for gummy vitamins will grow 5.2% between 2017-2025, or a projected growth of $4.17 billion. Currently, alternatives to pill-form supplements make up 47% of the industry. All of that being said, many gummies are created with animal-based gelatin, contain artificial colors and flavors, or have a sugar base.

The press release explains that Taura has an Ultra Rapid Concentration process that allows gummies to be flavored and sweetened with real fruit. This "next generation VMHS gummy" will be healthier than traditional gelatin and pectin bases, without the need for unnatural sugar or added sugar.

"By partnering with Taura, we now have the ability to offer a truly clean and healthy alternative to traditional gummy supplements," Albert Dahbour, EVP of sales at Viva 5, said in the release. "We are excited to be one of the first companies in the USA to deliver innovative, next-generation vitamin gummies in the second half of the year."

John Luebbers, VP of sales for Taura, said in the release, "Together, we are taking gummies to the next level by producing real fruit-based gummies. A perfect solution to the needs of health conscious supplement consumers."