We’re asking shoppers to share what they love about their local natural products market. This month, the spotlight shines on one shopper’s experience at Chamberlin's Natural Foods in Orlando, FL.

In 2010,Dawn Burnett,a divorce coach, wellness strategist, author and writer who seeks out natural and organic products, was shopping in the Marketplace at Dr. Phillips, an outdoor shopping mall in Orlando, when she found Chamberlin's Natural Food Store.

Since its beginnings in the Orlando area in 1935, Chamberlin's has been recognized as one of the most innovative retailers of natural foods, the company says. One of 7 locations in Florida, the Dr. Phillips Blvd. location sells natural vitamins and groceries, supplements, household items, beverages, organic and local produce, cruelty-free cosmetics, organic pet food and baby care.

When it comes to her favorite part of the store, Dawn points to the supplements section, particularly because of the great advice and direction from Dr. Don Prefenno, a Chamberlin's Natural Foods employee of 13 years. “Dr. Don, a whole body team member, is extremely knowledgeable, being a retired chiropractor. People drive from all over to see him and he has helped thousands get well,” Dawns says. “Dr. Don’s knowledge has helped heal my own life so I’m very grateful. I have sent many people there to see him and they all say the same.”

Dawn is able to find and purchase products quickly and easily, which is a tremendous time saver, she says. When shopping at Chamberlin's to find natural treatments, Dawn loves the small intimate feel and friendly nature of the staff. And it’s not just their direct customers that feel the warmth. During this past holiday season and throughout the year, Chamberlin's makes an effort to give back to the Orlando community. Recently, the store donated to the Edgewood Children’s Ranch and the Human Crisis Center.

Congratulations to Chamberlin's Natural Foods for celebrating 85 years in business!