We’re asking shoppers to share what they love about their local natural products store. This month, the spotlight shines on one shopper’s experience at MOM’s Organic Market in Center City, Philadelphia.

Starting with an initial investment of just $100 in the summer of 1987, MOM’s Organic Market was founded when a 22-year-old Scott Nash delivered groceries out of his Mom’s garage. That small garage-dream now employs 1,000-plus people and is more than just a grocery store and delivery service—it’s a culture centered on protecting and restoring the environment. With locations in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, D.C., the company maintains strict requirements for the items that make it to MOM’s shelves.

That’s important to Philadelphia resident Liz Jeneault, VP Marketing at Faveable.com and regular shopper at MOM’s in Center City. “MOM's claims to stock a higher percentage of organic products than any other store,” she says. “When MOM's considers new items to sell, the store makes sure there are no GMO ingredients in them and if the store has any concerns, they'll ask the company to verify those high-risk ingredients.” If the company can't prove they aren't, she adds, MOM's won't sell it.

Besides offering fresh organic produce and grocery items, MOM’s sells food bowls out of theirNaked Lunch Kitchen. “Their food bowls are great to grab for lunch or dinner because the food is so fresh and delicious,” says Jeneault. “I live just steps away from the store and I love their ice cream and locally grown fresh produce.”

Another thing Jeneault loves: The wine and beer selection. She notes that MOM’s has a great variety, and their staff is knowledgeable about the different offerings. “They also have growlers of beer you can purchase and bring back to refill.”

The customer service and sense of care for MOM’s employees doesn’t go unnoticed.

“MOM’s workers receive many benefits including paid maternity leave, which I can appreciate as a mom myself,” Jeneault adds. “They have signs around their store detailing how they go out of their way to care for their workers. All workers also receive one free meal a shift, which is awesome!”

MOM’s has upped the bar for Jeneault’s expectations. “I've learned some of the organic products I used to buy aren't as great as they seem,” she shares. “I've learned to look more closely at the ingredients of products I purchase elsewhere now.”

MOM’s also offers opportunities to give back—like in July, when the stores partnered with Alaffia to collect eyeglasses, sunglasses, frames, lenses, and cases. Donated items were reused, fitted and distributed to the visually-impaired in Togo, Africa. On a regular basis, MOM’s recycles shoes, old cell phones, batteries, and more.

Learn more about MOM’s Organic Market atmomsorganicmarket.com.