We’re asking shoppers to share what they love about their local natural products store. This month, the spotlight shines on Weaver’s Way, a small co-op located in Ambler, Pennsylvania.

Marissa Costonis, a certified health coach and bestselling author of Change Bites, 5 Change Management Strategies to Transform Your Health, understands the value of local natural and organic markets. Marissa shops at a small co-op, Weaver’s Way in Ambler, PA, which she says offers immeasurable benefits to her and her community. From quality of products to customer service, Weaver’s Way has made shopping easier for Marissa and her family.

Weaver’s Way started in 1972 as a preorder food-buying group operating out of a Church in Mt. Airy, PA. Over the years of expansion and growth, the business developed into a popular co-op. Today, Weaver’s Way sells health and wellness products and whole foods, offers educational workshops, and hosts family events for the local community.

Besides being able to stop worrying about where her food comes from, Marissa says she is able to focus on a smaller number of high-quality products like local produce, meats and freshly prepared items. “Shopping in a small store for natural and organic foods also takes away the paradox of choice, which simplifies the shopping process,” Marissa explains.

Building relationships with co-op staff and other shoppers has improved Marissa’s shopping experience and makes the day-to-day errands enjoyable. “Shopping at my local co-op,” she says, “connects me to my local community of farmers and demonstrates my support to their important work.”

While Weaver’s Way-Ambler isn’t as large as mainstream grocery stores, Marissa notes, the bulk section is huge and contains products like honey, tamari, kombucha on tap, as well as the traditional grains, dried fruits and nuts. “The store also has re-fill containers for cleaning products and laundry detergent so it’s a great way to teach my children about sustainability.”

Learn more about Weaver’s Way atwww.weaversway.coop.Find out about Marissa on her website,www.ChangeBITES.com.