Solid Gold Pet, LLC

148 River St., Ste. 120, Greenville, SC 29601,



Solid Gold Pet has launched a bold new look with a packaging change for their products.  While the new package design is a big departure from the current look, it still boasts the bright colors and shiny bag material that Solid Gold is well known for.  

The new packaging design is simple and clean, allowing consumers to navigate the bag more easily to find the Solid Gold name, as well as information like protein type, size and life stage for their pet.

Solid Gold has also organized the ingredients and nutrition that are found in all of its dry food products, calling it GoldSource Core Nutrition. This is the same nutrition that has always been found in Solid Gold, now organized and articulated in a manner consumers can understand and compare to other brands. To help further support consumer education, the packaging also includes a simple and helpful explanation of the purpose and benefits of key ingredients on the back of the bag.  

Consumers can also read the story of Solid Gold’s heritage on the back of all dry dog and cat food products. One of the first companies to offer holistic pet food, Solid Gold has maintained its fundamental beliefs for over 40 years.     

Solid Gold is proud of its new packaging and looks forward to consumers enjoying the benefits of the simple and easy-to-navigate design.



Published in WholeFoods Magazine, December 2014