North American Herb & Spice

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North American Herb and Spice brings oregano to the oral care field with OregaCARE Swirl and Swallow and OregaFRESH Toothpaste. These products provide an alternative to fluoride and other chemicals with P73 oregano. In addition to supporting teeth, gums and breath with oral spice therapy, Swirl and Swallow can provide full-body health support as a health tonic. In addition, OregaFresh Toothpaste is completely free of sodium lauryl sulfate, glycerine, synthetics and GMOs.

from North American Herb and Spice is a turmeric supplement combining wild turmeric oil and wild turmeric extract, along with oils from ginger and wild oregano. These ginger and oregano oils stimulate absorption of the large curcuminoid molecules providing a potency that can support the entire body, including muscles, joints and nerves. North American Herb and Spice says that Turmerol is free of adulteration and chemical contamination. Since this is a spice extract, it can be used daily as well as in food.

North American Herb and Spice has released Quick-Alert, a supplement designed to keep people sharp and focused while avoiding the potential side effects of caffeine. It achieves this with a blend of Siberian chaga concentrate, pomegranate syrup, Muscadine grape syrup, and wild essences of oregano, rosemary, sage, neroli orange blossom and rose petals. Individual bottles and packs of 12 are available.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, December 2014