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New Chag-o-Power presents two fluid ounces of emulsified wild chaga mushroom, convenient for use as under-the-tongue drops. Key substances such as superoxide dismutase are easily absorbed, and the product is raw, which means the enzymes remain intact. Superoxide dismutase scored 2,300 per gram in capturing superoxide radicals in tests done at Brunswick Labs. Twenty or more drops daily should be taken daily, says the firm. Chag-o-Power is a natural, wild source of beta glucan, B-complex, minerals and healthy, potent sterols.

Chag-o-Charge is a wild chaga expresso made from wild, remote-source chaga mushroom. Delicious in hot water, especially when mixed with other potent substances such as wild white birch bark and organic purple maca, Chag-o-Charge is a potent source of natural B vitamins plus the all-important antioxidant enzyme SOD. It is also a natural source of beta glucan, minerals and powerful plant sterols.

Wild, raw chaga mushroom is found in new ChagaCream Facial Treatment with added myrtle, berries and wild lavender. ChagaCream is free of all synthetic substances, and its ingredients also include melanin, oil of wild bay leaf and royal jelly. ChagaCream Skin Rejuvenation is a potent source of antioxidant enzymes, such as superoxide dismutase. In a beeswax base, the cream is infused with oils of wild oregano, bay leaf and sage, cumin, and the antioxidant-rich oil of clove buds. Use on any region of the body.

Used since ancient times, Chaganol Strength Drink is the modern day way to get your daily energy naturally, says the company. Chaganol contains no caffeine or other stimulants; the energy occurs naturally from sun-ripened chaga, plus wild, raw honey and wild, raw blackberry extract. Chaganol can be taken daily.

Purely-B whole food B vitamin complex is made from actual foods, without synthetics. This formula lets shoppers get strength naturally with a supplement made from rice bran/ polish, torula yeast and royal jelly. Half the ingredients of Purely-B are raw, while the other half is gently heated to remove toxicity. According to the firm, it is ideal for taking every day to cover B vitamin complex needs.


Published in WholeFoods Magazine, December 2010